I am Christi Green Warr, Founder and educator at Green’s Learning Academy.  I am excited you are interested in my program. I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to follow my mother’s example and be an early childhood educator. I wanted to add traits of my father and my childhood experiences of growing on the family farm as a 4th generation dairy farmer. And Dirt Learning was born.


I started working with children at a young age, as I grew up in a family that fostered many babies. I also babysat for my neighbors. At age 18 I began working at a daycare. During that time I completed my CDA (The Child Development Associate Credential). I also became a nanny for a wonderful business owner and I started my home preschool in 2003 as a practicum class while finishing my degree in Early Childhood.  

I have been a lead teacher with the Head Start Program since 2004 and I have taught in many classrooms and settings. I have taught and worked with hundreds of students of all ages. This includes teaching in Elementary, Jr. High and High school classes including special education classes. I also teach teenagers and adults in aquatic programs and CPR/First aid classes. As well as teaching and training other educators.



Dirt Learning is Awesome..

 At Dirt Learning, child-led play is recognized and honored as the foundation for all academics to build upon. At the forefront is empowering young children to have confidence in their independence. Relationships and the environment at Dirt Learning are the keys to providing young children the opportunities and security they need to lead their learning. I believe that children learn best by digging in and doing.

Dirt learning focuses on whole-child learning using nature to enhance skills and concepts to become life-long learners. 


“NAEYC’s Developmentally Appropriate practices (DAP) statement highlights the importance of learning experiences that are meaningful to each child and that provide active engagement through play, exploration, and inquiry in ways that support the whole child – socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Yet such opportunities are too often denied to young children when educational practices are not responsive to their developmental, cultural, and linguistic characteristics.”

Meet The Teachers

Christi (Founder)

I am the Founder and Facilitor. I believe children learn at their own pace and by moving and being in nature. 

I enjoy teaching children of all levels and abilities with a strong background with Neurodiversity. Because of my love for nature I bring nature experiences into my curriculum as we spend part of our learning time in our outdoor classroom.

I love being with my family (pets included) and being outdoors. Some of my favorite places are Antelope Island, The Great Salt Lake (all sides) and being in the mountains. I love riding my horse, four- wheeling and                                                                  just connecting in nature.