PRICING :  $65/Hour 


Breathwork: Breathwork is an ancient modality that has been used for centuries. Through breathing techniques, people have sought spiritual awakening, self-healing, and meditative relaxation. Breathwork is widely used in Eastern disciplines like yoga, tai-chi, and Buddhism. Breathwork is the most powerful self-healing technique that exists today.  By consciously breathing, we allow ourselves to emotionally come back to a place of balance and peace in our bodies. 

Body Mapping: We did not come to earth with a manual. We did, however, come with a map. Body Mapping helps us read and understand that map. The map is our Divine Reflection that our Creator left for us on our bodies. Every part of our body tells us something different about who we are. The messages aren’t good or bad, right or wrong they are just information, and you get to decide what to do with it. Body Mapping helps rebuild trust with your whole and complete self; Spirit, Body, and Mind.